Littlewood Wiki

This page stores all the version changes to Littlewood, posted verbatim. The only changes are adding links to the pages on the Littlewood Wiki.

Versions here are posted with the five most recent first. Anything else is stored on the archive page.

Littlewood v1.026[]

+ Increased Deluca Present chance when playing Tarott Monster
+ Went through entire game code and did a lot of optimizing
+ Load times should be a bit faster
+ Updated indoor build mode top row icons
+ Fishing and Bug Catching randomizer statues no longer deny you "Misc" item drops
+ Fixed the drifting pastures/exotic pet area bug finally
+ Special Moments will not occur if any of the Townsfolk houses aren't built
+ Rain won't occur on days with events or Special Moments
+ Added slightly more base exp to Fishing and Bug Catching
+ You gain more Bug Catching EXP when near the Catacomb Tree
+ Fixed drifting marketplace and town square bug
+ Fixed being able to jump over Colossal Pillar
+ Fixed Lightning spell giving dirt when destroyed
+ Fixed rain occuring but not showing bug

Littlewood v1.02[]

+ Dalton's shop changes every Tues and Thurs
+ Once you've talked to Dalton quite a bit, he will have new dialogue that unlocks daily shop refreshes
+ Increased base farming exp gained by 1
+ Fixed showing a number when hovering over farm animals instead of their names
+ Fixed not winning Deluca Presents when dueling in Tarott Monster
+ Fixed getting a wooden plank from winning in Tarott Monster

Littlewood v1.01[]

Date: August 11, 2020

+ Hovering over objects in Build Mode will tell you their name
+ Changed spawn rates of Gobby/Traveler/Merchant to 60%/25%/15%
+ Gobby Merchant is now 3x more likely to show up
+ Items won from Casino now counts towards "Collect X Item" in Personal Goals
+ Tarott Monster Victory has a 25% chance to award 60 Duelist Badges instead of 30.
+ Returning an adopted pet will refund your spent Dewdrops (9000 each)
+ You now get 3 Dirt instead of 1 when mining a Dirt Deposit
+ You now get 3 Grassy Earth instead of 1 when mining a Grassy Earth Deposit
+ Lowered structure upgrade costs a bit to reduce mid game grind (Bricks and Planks)
+ Changed "Gain a Deluca Coin" to "Gain 3 Rare Items" when upgrading structures
+ Dalton's General Shop refreshes every day
+ Mel's Decor Shop refreshes every day
+ Toned down Gilded Axe and Gilded Pickaxe chance to trigger a tiny bit lol
+ Fixed rain sound persisting after a Special Moment plays
+ Fixed upside down bug with Dark Tree root attack
+ Fixed spell paintings giving you dirt upon destroying them
+ Fixed invisible cloak bug after leaving Build Mode
+ Fixed Mel being in the water at Deluca
+ Fixed Dark being in the water at the Grand Library
+ Fixed jumping into buildings when on bridge/pier tiles
+ Fixed travelers not spawning in marketplace when placed on bridge/pier tiles
+ Fixed Tilled Soil remaining when lowering elevation

Littlewood v1.0[]

Date: August 4, 2020

+ Added "Meteorite Storm!" (New Town Event)
+ Added "The Lightning Mages!" (New Town Event)
+ Added "The Mining Guild!" (New Town Event)
+ Added "Rare Item Merchant!" (New Town Event)
+ Added "Return of the Fishfolk" (New Town Event)
+ Added more random dialogue
+ Reimported all music tracks to updated versions
+ Added new music track to Edge of Solemn
+ You can now gain Deluca Presents from winning in Tarott Monster
+ Changed Gilded Tarott Monster statue's effect
+ Fixed Pocket Watch lighting bug
+ Fixed unable to move right/left in townsfolk house
+ Fixed invisible Toby crashing bug